About Us

Sai Lakshmi aspires to be a Indian Multinational with interests in diverse range of businesses. Our aim is to grow by fulfilling the aspirations of our customers worldwide and improve their day to day life,with the intention to make a difference to our customers. Sai Lakshmi Group, India has been created with a vision to manufacture and provide a world class product/service to the textile and apparel industry. It will act as a One Stop Shop for those customers who are driven by the forces of the market and require a fast turnaround in the manufacturing process.


SLIPL has been part of the industrial landscape of Bengaluru and Karnataka since 1994 and we have weathered many a storm since inception. The outcome of this exercise has been a Sai Lakshmi way of life. We have distilled some of these values and have made it as our core DNA and this is infused into all our new ventures.

We believe that customer is our God and hence we put in every effort to satisfy their needs. Our Product offerings are based on the principle " Delight the Customer".

The above principle has been the cornerstone of all our endeavours.