At SLIPL, we aim to get into products and services that will understand and fulfill the aspirations of its customers through its activities, products and services. In the real estate sector, as a first step, SLIPl chose to partner with ASSETZ (a leading developer in Bangalore) to build such a project through a JDA for the project ASSETZ MARQ. ASSETZ MARQ is a smart mixed use community where people can live, play, go to school and work.

1. Residences Thoroughly Thought Through
2. Award winning Master Planner, Ross Bonthorne from Australia, takes the term "development" to a whole new level with AssetzMarq.
3. ShapoorjiPallonjiEngineerning& Construction has been chosen to be the construction contractor for Marq. SPCL's Quality Management System is certified as per ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.

1. Technology     2. Safe Environment     3. Social Hubs     4. Open Spaces     5. Retail (conveniences, shops & food street)     6. Design


Brand vision: Aranyani is a lifestyle product that, through its innovative products and services seek:
1. To be a part of the daily life of our customers and bring a sense of ease to the various challenges in their daily lifestyle;
2. To create various innovative products and services to our customers that will bring them a sense of delight in the utility of such products;
3. To inspire the minds of our customers through our creative and innovative design;
4. To bring a sense of participation with our customers in the creation of our products and services; in short, at Aranyani, we seek to be a friend of our customer.

Brand mission:
At Aranyani, we look at different aspects and requirements of our customers in their day-to- day lives, and in as participative manner as possible, we will innovate our products and services in such a way so as to fulfill the identified needs of our customers.


art is true luxury and artists are the true historians of all times. insac, we seek to produce art that uses the wonderful cultures of the world as a form of expression of our design. exclusivity is the highest luxury and customization allows the experience of that exclusivity. at sac, we combine the experience of exclusivity with the richness of art to allow our customers to embrace true luxury.